Yard Enhancements in Minnesota

Because curb appeal matters.

LNG, your premier yard enhancement specialist, understands the importance of a well-landscaped property that enhances both the appearance and value of your home. With a range of landscaping services optimized for trees, shrubs, mulch beds, and shrub and tree removal, we guarantee to transform your outdoor space into a welcoming and visually stunning haven.

Landscape Elements Sourced From Local Trusted Nurseries and Suppliers

When it comes to planting, we ensure that every element of your landscape is carefully selected and sourced from local trusted nurseries and suppliers. From sod, trees, flowers, to shrubs, our expertise lies in creating a harmonious blend of natural beauty. Furthermore, we don’t just focus on installation; we also provide shrub, tree, and brush removal services, ensuring that your landscape remains immaculate and clutter-free.

Hardscape Enhancement Services

Our hardscape enhancement services address any issues with sunken patios or compromised walls. Whether it’s repairing concrete, natural stone, or brick pavers, our skilled team can handle any hardscape demolition or repair needs. From replacing pavers to fixing cracks, we are dedicated to restoring the integrity and aesthetics of your outdoor structures.

Seasonal Mulching Services

In addition to our specialized services, we offer general enhancements that elevate the overall appeal of your landscape. Our expertise extends to creating wood chip mulch beds, rock beds, and other garden and rock bed renovations. Seasonal mulching not only reduces irrigation costs but also serves as a sustainable alternative to herbicides, all while adding a visually striking touch to your outdoor space.


outdoor lighting
Wood chip mulch, rock beds

Let LNG design it...

We can design yard enhancements through landscaping and outdoor design to transform a dull or underutilized space into a beautiful and functional outdoor oasis. There are numerous yard enhancements that we can suggest to elevate the overall appeal and enjoyment of your property. 

Enhancements could be the addition of beds with mulch or rock, adding in (or replacing of old) shrubs and landscaping plants. Incorporating trees and shrubs strategically can provide shade, privacy, and even act as windbreaks, enhancing the overall comfort and usability of your yard. Level it up with the installation of outdoor structures like pergolas, gazebos, or arbors to add architectural interest and provide shaded areas for outdoor activities. Landscaping enhancements, big or small, create visual appeal and increased curb appeal. 

And don’t just showcase your landscape during the daylight hours! Installation of outdoor lighting adds a touch of ambiance but also extends the usability of the outdoor space into the evening hours. Well-placed lighting fixtures will highlight key features of the landscape, improve safety, and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for outdoor gatherings or relaxation.


  • Design & Installation Services
  • Tree and Shrub Plantings
  • Rock/Mulch Bed design
  • Stone Accents
  • Plant Expert Services
  • Sodding and Seeding
  • Outdoor Lighting


By choosing LNG for your landscaping needs, you can be assured of exceptional quality and attention to detail. Our goal is to provide a landscape that not only impresses visitors but also increases the value of your property. Whether you require tree and shrub planting, mulch bed installation, or shrub and tree removal, our team of professionals will deliver outstanding results that exceed your expectations. Trust LNG to transform your yard into a breathtaking showcase of natural beauty and curb appeal.

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