Top 5 Hardscape Trends for Minnesota Landscapes in 2023

Hardscaping goes beyond mere aesthetics to embrace functionality and sustainability. Incorporating elements like retaining walls, natural stone pathways, and paver driveways, hardscaping adds structure, beauty, and personal touch to outdoor spaces. 

It is an art that balances the natural landscape with man-made structures, and when done right, It can transform your outdoor area into a livable, welcoming, and desirable extension of your home. 

In Minnesota, we are noticing some trends in hardscaping that show homeowners’ growing interest in innovation and eco-friendliness. Let’s discuss these trends one by one.

Hardscape Trends

Use of Sustainable Materials

The first major trend gaining traction among Minnesota homeowners is using sustainable materials in hardscaping. This trend reflects a growing awareness of the impact of our choices on the environment. Rather than opting for heavily processed or non-renewable materials, homeowners gravitate towards natural, locally sourced ones with minimal environmental impact.

Examples include natural stone for retaining walls and walkways, which blends seamlessly with the local landscape and requires less energy for production and transportation. Similarly, permeable pavers are gaining popularity for driveways, as they allow for natural water drainage and reduce stormwater runoff, contributing to a healthier local ecosystem.

Native Plants

Another trend is the integration of native plants into outdoor designs. This approach offers multiple benefits, including lower maintenance requirements and improved wildlife support. Native Minnesota plants, having evolved to thrive in the local climate and soil conditions, require less watering and are more resistant to local pests and diseases, reducing the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

In addition, these native species offer the ideal food and habitat for local wildlife, contributing to biodiversity. Adding native plants around natural stone structures or along paver driveways adds color, texture, and life-enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and creating a seamless blend with the natural Minnesota landscape.

This trend embodies a marriage of beauty and sustainability, making it a popular choice among homeowners.

Smart Technology

The third trend sweeping across Minnesota is the creation of smart outdoor living spaces. Homeowners increasingly leverage technology to enhance their outdoor spaces’ functionality, comfort, and convenience. From automated irrigation systems that optimize water usage to outdoor lighting controlled via smartphone apps, technology is revolutionizing the hardscaping landscape. 

Features such as solar-powered retaining walls and landscaping lights are gaining popularity, highlighting an embrace of renewable energy sources. Additionally, with a rise in remote working trends, outdoor Wi-Fi extenders and weatherproof power outlets are integrated into hardscape designs to create conducive work-from-home environments.

Multi-Functional Design Elements

With a focus on versatility, hardscaping elements such as modular natural stone patios, reconfigurable retaining walls, and adaptable paver driveways in Minnesota are designed to serve multiple purposes. 

For instance, a patio might double up as a dining area for alfresco meals and a fire pit zone for chilly evenings. Similarly, retaining walls are being designed with built-in seating or storage capabilities.

This clever use of space resonates particularly with urban dwellers, where outdoor space might be limited, but the desire for a functional and beautiful outdoor area remains high.

Weather-Adapting Features

Given the state’s varied climate conditions, homeowners are looking for ways to make their outdoor spaces usable and enjoyable, irrespective of the season. 

This has led to increased installation of features like heated paver driveways and walkways that melt snow in the winter, making these areas safe and accessible. Covered patios with built-in heaters or fireplaces are standard, allowing outdoor relaxation even on cool evenings. 

On the other hand, sunshades and water features are added to hardscaping designs to offer respite during the warmer months. This focus on year-round usability enhances the value, function, and enjoyment of outdoor spaces, truly making them an extension of the home. 

Request Hardscaping Design Services From the Experts

Hardscaping is an art that requires expert knowledge and skill to get it right. It entails carefully balancing form and function, aesthetics and sustainability, not to mention an intimate understanding of the local landscape.

That’s why it’s best to hire the expertise of hardscape professionals who can bring your vision to life. If you want to incorporate 2023 Minnesota hardscaping trends into your outdoor space, LNG Landscapes is the company to call.

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