LNG’s Core Values

Because values matter.

At LNG Landscapes, we are guided by a set of core values that shape our approach to work and define our company culture. These values are not just words on a page; they are principles we live by every day, guiding our decisions and interactions. Safety, teamwork, professionalism, determination, humility, and respect are the pillars that support our mission and vision. From ensuring the safety of our team and community to fostering a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect, these values are integral to our success and the satisfaction of our clients. These core values remain our compass, steering us towards excellence in every aspect of our work.


Whether it’s driving to a job site, or operating equipment, we take every precaution to maintain an environment that is proactive and protected. Training meetings and classes prepare us to think smarter and double check everything! We can never be too cautious when looking out for our teammates and community.


Working as a team is more than just working next to one another, it is about working WITH one another. It is about picking up where one falls short and lending a hand, even if they don’t say they need it. This key value helps create an inviting and productive working environment throughout the company. Choosing teamwork to be a core value has enlightened us to see that we are not just coworkers, but a family, with friendships, dedication, and hospitality.


We prioritize our customer service and communication above all. From answering a phone call, to greeting a client, our team here at LNG Landscapes prides itself on being the most professional landscape company in the industry. We believe it is the foundation for a successful team and challenges each of us to treat others with the utmost respect and courtesy, ensuring a happy workplace and business. It is about poise, ethics, and reliability of our team to guarantee the satisfaction of every customer regardless of the circumstance. The ability to work through difficult situations calmly and with little emotion.


In order to succeed, we must first have the desire and dedication to go above and beyond what is expected. Determination to raise the bar to new heights and meeting that challenge! This in turn forces us to develop and improve our skills at work and at home. As we all know, it takes a strong and driven team to grow a company together and achieve greatness.


As a crucial value in our company, Humility means a  disposition to be humble; or a lack of false pride. It is embraced by each individual and the company as a whole. All of us take pride in what we do, our six core values encourage that; however, humility pushes us to admit when we are wrong, and embrace an opportunity to learn new ideas and techniques from our teammates. “Humility is not a value for the foolish. It’s embraced by the wise who want to become wiser.” It is a gateway to seek and provide honest feedback resulting in continuous personal improvement.


Before it is earned, it is given. Respect is about showing gratitude and admiration toward those around us. It reflects on the way we treat those we work with as well as those we may work for. Customer satisfaction is achieved once we understand their needs and expectations and go out of our way to meet them. Respecting those needs challenges us to grow together as a team, as well as develop individual skills to succeed in our personal lives.




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